Make Your Guests Feel at Home With These Easy Tips

Make Your Guests Feel at Home With These Easy Tips

It’s holiday go-time, friends! Are you ready? ⁣

Because I want you to be ready for all your planned (and ahem, unplanned) guests this holiday season, here are a few tips to get your home ready:⁣

  • Clean out your guest room closet to make room for your guests’ clothes, luggage, and gifts.⁣
  • Purchase or refresh your guest towels, organize bathroom cabinets, and stock the bath with toothpaste, toilet paper, and hand soap.⁣
  • Get your guest bedroom in good shape. Think linens, lighting, and extras like phone chargers.⁣
    Update your guest bedroom photos, and if applicable, include photos of your guests to make them feel at home.⁣
  • Create a coffee station (in-room if possible) so your guests can grab a cup of coffee no matter how early they wake.⁣
  • Purchase extra dishes, cups, mugs, and stools so you can easily gather around the table to share holiday goodies. ⁣

Welcoming guests into your home during the holidays is one of the joys of the season but only if you’re prepared! Take steps now so you can enjoy all the visits — planned and spontaneous!⁣


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