Prepping Your Home for Winter

Prepping your home for Winter in Mt. Pleasant, SC. In Mt. Pleasant, SC our winters are not extremely cold but there are days that are chilly. On those days, I love curling up on our sofa “in my corner” and reading a good book. So now is the time to get my home all tucked-in for those chilly days ahead with these winter prep tips.⁣

1.Examine your pipes. Make sure exterior pipes and spigots are insulated and caulked. Insulation and caulk are way less expensive than burst pipes. We may never hit below freezing temperatures and I hope we don’t but if we do it will be too late to prepare. ⁣
2.Clean out your gutters. We never want our gutters cluttered with debris in any season. Now is a good time to clean them out because most of the leaves have fallen. ⁣
3. Feel for drafts around doors and windows. Gaps will surely run up your heating bill. An easy DIY solution? New weatherstripping.⁣
4. Service the furnace. Schedule a maintenance check now so your furnace is ready for the prime time of our chilly days in Mt. Pleasant, SC.⁣

This winter, keep the cold weather outside where it belongs. Thinking of selling early in 2022? Reach out now and let’s put together a timeline to keep everything simple and stress-free! ⁣

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