The Psychology of Selling

According to a January 2018 study from the University of California at San Diego, one picture has the power to sway people – shifting how they behave – while a single word does not.⁣
Sounds like the old adage holds true: A picture IS worth a thousand words. That’s just ONE reason your listing photos are SO incredibly important. You have seconds to make the RIGHT first impression on buyers as they scroll hundreds of listing photos.⁣

But, professional listing photos aren’t the only way to capture a buyer’s heart and mind. Once they’re in your home, you can create the perfect setting for a showing with these tips:⁣

New research shows the precise smells that sell. At the top of the list? Freshly baked bread, fresh linen, vanilla, cinnamon, and crazy enough, freshly cut grass. Don’t worry — all are available as candles.⁣
Next to smelling magnificent, your home must be clean – like eat-off-the-floor clean. A deep clean before listing means you’ll only need quick touch-ups before showings.⁣
Focus on minimal decor. Clear countertops, tables, and shelves so buyers can really see your home. Envision your home as a vacation rental to help you strike the right balance.⁣

Thinking of selling soon? Check out our active listings (and their killer photos) and then reach out. You’ll see why our homes sell — and sell fast!⁣


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